Sunday, February 5, 2017

1971 Mini Cooper Convertible

Wendy's 1971 Mini Cooper convertible following major engine/gearbox work and the addition of the spots.  Goes like stink and is great fun.

A Couple of Local Historical Markers.

Kincaid-Anderson House approx. 6 miles fromthe VC Summer plant in Jenkinsville, SC
Brick Church near to plant, inactive since 1920 although the cemetary has been utilized sinnce that date.

The Beemer next to the entrance to the Kincaid-Anderson House. Good old Scottish connection and a nice house. Understand that it is owned now by an attorney who works in Columbia.

Yamaha DT400E

 My 1978 DT400E after a quick clean following a few laps of the lot. Love this bike.