Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Additions to the Collection

Two sets of 10 coasters from the early 60's I think complete with boxes. Hackney - Bayswater - Bow

No 51 horse drawn carriage with folk enjoying Guinness - glad to see that the driver is glass free!

It states "Guinness 'One of the Best Cordials Not In The Pharmacopoeia" I The Lancet 1837

Well I have gotten one of the biggest surprises ever during my collecting of Guinness memorabilia. I obtained the booklet below, number six (6) to date - sorry I can't resist them. I removed it from the packaging and opened it up to see which version it was, GA369C by the way dated 1/4/1948, that's January 4th, 1948 by the way for you American readers, anyway to the point.  Inside was a letter dated October 1951 as follows:

Dear Mr. Gries,
As requested we have great pleasure in sending you a copy of our illustrated booklet which tells the story of Guinness, and we hope you will enjoy reading about our world-famous Brewery at St. James's Gate.
We are always delighted to hear from our friends in America and are especially glad to welcome those who come to Dublin.  We hope that if you are contemplating a visit to Ireland you will come to the Brewery and let us show you round, and we should be glad if you would tell your friends also to come and see us when they visit Ireland.
But you do not have to come all the way to Dublin to taste the famous Guinness Stout because, as you no doubt know, we are now brewing at Long Island City to the age-old Irish formula that has made Guinness so deservedly popular throughout the world.  If you have not already adopted the suggestion in our advertisements of adding Guinness Stout to your beer, we hope you will lose no time in doing so - and what a treat there is in store for you! Even better, of course, is a glass of Guinness straight, as it is drunk here in Ireland, but don't forget, whichever way you choose, it is the same Guinness Stout that has been going strong since 1759.
With very best wishes,
Yours faithfully,
signed   A. H Hughes, Managing Director.

Well I am over the moon - I have never seen this letter before and it came as a complete and utter surprise - I have placed it in a very safe place!!!!  

A lovely little cooking pot, modern but nice.

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