Friday, October 4, 2013

Bike '74 Testing Gas Guzzler 2-Stroke Triples

Cover of Bike magazine November 1974. Road test comparison of Suzuki GT750L and Kawasaki 750 H2 - article title "Testing Gas Guzzler 2-Stroke Triples

This is when magazines were classy - 39 years ago!!!!

Close up pictures of the Kettle in the road test.

Specs for both bikes - Suzuki:
Top Speed - 114.9 mph
 Standing 1/4 - 13.39 mph
0-60 mph - 5.9 s
Price  - 882 GBP including VAT
Supplied by Apple Suzuki from Hinckley, Leics

Note the advert for Apple to the right.  I bought a set of Apple expansion chambers from them in '78 for my GT 380 - cleared my bank account out!!!

N Reg '74

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