Saturday, December 28, 2013

Franklin Miniature Tankards

New addition to the collection - contains one Guinness item but the set was for sale so why not?  From 1981 and in great condition.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Interesting Tie to Charles Dickens

I was looking through some of my Guinness stuff earlier today and noted an extract I have from the January 22nd, 1955 issue of "The Illustrated London News" Entitled "A Hamper of Guinness and an Umbrella" it talks to a book by the great British writer Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870) specifically a book entitled "Sketches by Boz" Because of the Guinness reference I researched his works and discovered that the extracts are indeed from his book, specifically Page 221 - I attach the link for the book as follows (Note Dickens' family nickname was Boz!)

Dickens published this in 1836 at the tender age of 24. The interesting aspect above the reference to Guinness is that some of the illustrations were prepared by Hablot K. Browne. Now Browne was known by the nickname 'Phiz' and it is indeed his illustration that adorns the two (2) Guinness ashtrays I have included in the photo from 1932 and 1936.

So there you go some related BS and our Christmas Caroler Charles John Huffan Dickens was a fan of the Irish Nectar!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013

Bike '74 Testing Gas Guzzler 2-Stroke Triples

Cover of Bike magazine November 1974. Road test comparison of Suzuki GT750L and Kawasaki 750 H2 - article title "Testing Gas Guzzler 2-Stroke Triples

This is when magazines were classy - 39 years ago!!!!

Close up pictures of the Kettle in the road test.

Specs for both bikes - Suzuki:
Top Speed - 114.9 mph
 Standing 1/4 - 13.39 mph
0-60 mph - 5.9 s
Price  - 882 GBP including VAT
Supplied by Apple Suzuki from Hinckley, Leics

Note the advert for Apple to the right.  I bought a set of Apple expansion chambers from them in '78 for my GT 380 - cleared my bank account out!!!

N Reg '74

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Had to post some more pictures of the Kettle - so much fun to ride.

This just brings back so many memories from the 70's. I have to say that when I was riding my Fizzie around and went to the local Suzuki dealer I thought a 380 was heaven and this thing just a tiger you couldn't tame - how things change - it's just a pussy cat! Well it was nearly 40 years ago. I had two 380's in the late 70's after swearing that I would never get one after seeing my buddy take 30 minutes to pass when he rode a black 380 into a garden railing at about 70mph remove one leg, snapping the other in half and mashing his right hand into his shoulder that it looked like 10lb of mince. When the ambulance eventually arrived his other leg fell off as they put him on the stretcher and he died. Not a nice experience for a 16 year old but here I am 36 years older and I cannot keep off of them.

Three cylinders of absolute fun.

16,500 miles, that's just over 400 miles p.a. Note the gear position indicator - absolute shite!!!! Red high beam idiot light too - what were they thinking?

Friday, September 27, 2013

New Acquisition - '74 GT 750

New to the stable a bog standard '74 Suzuki GT750 except for the three into three Higgspeed expansion chambers.  Only 16.5k miles!!!

Beautiful pipes and she sings oh does she sing!!!

From the rear - brought her home after 125 mile run, never missed a beat and about 35mpg too!