Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lisa and Dustin's Wedding July 2012

Let the wedding commence - that beautiful day in July.

My best buddy Steve and his lovely daughter Lisa commence proceedings.

Steve and Lisa approach their future son-in-law and husband Dustin, respectively.

And there they are.

No turning back now and so they shouldn't

The ceremony approaches completion.

Matt, Lisa's brother in law and husband of another beautiful Raupp daughter, Jill, makes his speech.

Dustin's face says it all!

The proud mother and father of the Bride, Steve and Lori.

Wendy and Katlynn at the reception

Miklos, Katlynn, Wendy and the toothless FSOB

Steve and FSOB with my other best friend 'Arthur Guinness' - Pure Genius

Miklos and Mr. Raupp with their other best friends, Arthur Guinness, too.

Miklos with his best friends, Ms Dragun and Mr Guinness.

Wendy, Steve and FSOB - where's me Guinness, oh thanks Steve for looking after it for me.

Wendy and Son!

Son and Wendy boogie on down.

Son and Wendy - dance away - as Roxy Music would say.

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