Saturday, December 22, 2012

Exhuma December 2012

Wendy on the beach in Emerald Bay as the clouds start to come over.

Wendy in the gazebo at Sandals, Emerald Bay

Wendy at the reflecting pool

Wendy at the reflecting pool reflecting.

The gardens at the gazebo.

Our friendly one-eyed cat pal.
FSOB attempting to tan his inner arms.
Splash on the rocks.

Larry the lizard pop out for a little sun.

Dry side of the pool side bar.

FSOB decides tanning in arms impacts alcohol consumption.

Clouds roll in then roll out - great.

Where's me fags?
Sandals dive boat returns from another mission.

Where's me golf clubs?

Yes I know I don't play golf, oh, I see what you are saying, silly me.

The water comes in then it goes out.

Wendy on the Emerald Bay golf course.

One of the nicest golf courses I've never played.

Splashing time!

The rocky shore of the golf course.

Wendy in the distance.

Wendy waves from a distance.
The view from our balcony.

And another.

The gardens at night with Wendy

Wendy and the FSOB prior to dinner.

Wendy outside of the colorfully prepared for Christmas Sandals lobby.

Wendy further down the access road to the complex.

Wendy at the local marina at Emerald Bay

A couple of boats in the marina.

Wendy with the local police boat leaving for a mission.
There was a DEA agent on the boat, we noted, as they embarked a few minutes earlier.  What a job!

There they go for another day in the office!
Wendy and I on the beach.

Another self portrait.

Look at the color of the sand and water.

This is one of the best beaches around.

Our suite.

Our en-suite.

Our en-suite II

Our lounge.

Our en-suite bar.

Our bedroom from the lounge.

Wendy relaxes on the couch.
FSOB drinks a gorgeous spicy Bloody Mary

The Sandals Tower above the pool side bar.

The pool side bar looking towards Emerald Bay

Wendy relaxes at the 'quiet pool'

Looking towards the Drunken Duck

Looking towards the lobby from the pool.

The clock at the Croquet lawn.

A crane, heron, stork, well something white with long legs flies away.

Two Ducks float in paradise.

This incredible boat was for sale.

Wendy with he Bay behind her on the 15th.

The beautiful Emerald Bay

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