Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chicken Phaal, Brick Lane Curry House, NYC

Wendy outside of the infamous Brick Lane Curry House on E6th Street, NYC ahead of the Phaal challenge - note 90% failure rate!

Following a Guinness at the bar we are seated at our table.

Check out the link above  for the "Man v Food' Clip of Adam doing the biz. 

Let the Challenge begin, 30 minutes and ALL must be gone.

Done - wow wee - you can see by my face that this was no easy challenge but I did it!!!!

Slight recovery.  I have started eating Indian curries at the age of 18.  My first was a Chicken Madras in Derby, England. My second visit to the Curry House resulted in my first Chicken Vindaloo so I stared medium and went straight to hot. Ever since that time I have only ever eaten Vidaloo's or hotter!!  I discovered Phaal when I was around 21 and ate them frequently wherever I could find an Indian that would serve them.  My local restaurant in Broseley, Shropshire, where I lived from '82 to '85 became my frequent eating place and my friend Ali would do the biz for me. When I moved to Scotland in '85 it was sometime after that I discovered an Indian on Rose Street, Edinburgh that served Phaal's.  As a result my Phall consumption dropped dramatically and since we moved to the States in 2000, until this recent experience I had not eaten a Phaal for over 10 years.  Let me tell you this was one SOB, despite the 10 years of latency I still ate lots of Vindaloo's here in the States but my or my was this one hot SOB.  If you like hot food and are in NYC go for it, get your certificate and your photo on the 'Brick House Wall of Fame" (Featured on the Travel Channel)   

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