Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Back Road ride through South Carolina June 18, 2012

Attended my 'Unescorted Access' training at Kings Mountain, NC, for Duke and finished a little early - not surprising as I have done this stuff several times before - so I decided to ride some roads in SC I have never ridden before.  Stopped in a couple of places and took the following pictures.  Brattonsville being one where, in addition to having a couple of very nice 19th century houses, was used as one of the locations in The Patriot back in 2000.  The actual property used, once owned by the Bratton family (duh) was bought by an IBM executive in the 50's until his death in the 70's when the SC Heritage Society bought it who now rent it out for social events including weddings.

The other location is Feasterville where a male and female academy was established around 1840 - bet there are some stories that could be told about this place!!!

Also included is a photo of Piri who, after a weekend in Chicago, returned to go riding ATV's in NC with her boyfriend - life can be so demanding!

On this date, the Old Conc. turned 44,000 miles and still going like a train - it'll see 50k this year I think.

Pics of Miklos' new R6 will be posted soon but there is a sneak view above!!! Full Leo pipe, PC V, faired in rear end, tinted screen, bumpers - what a machine.

Conc at 44k

Piri on an ATV - sensible girl - wearing a crash helmet.


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