Friday, May 18, 2012

This Week's Treats At Clemson

At Nick's Bar in Clemson the proprietor, assume "The Nick" delightfully pours a Guinness with the Shamrock finish in the head.  He then poured one for my friend and colleague Tom.  This was Tom's first ever Guinness, yes, he has spent all of his adult life until that moment Guinness Free - how can this be?  How could his life ever be satisfied without knowing the Guinness experience.  Fortunately all has been rectified before it was too late!!!! Another soul saved. 

You may ask why this photograph is included in the post of a well executed Guinness pour - well here is the reason.  Tom, the once Guinness virgin took another friend and colleague, John, and myself to lunch in his rental vehicle, quite a nice Ford Fusion by the way.  The photo though shows the result of Tom insisting that John  and I did not leave the vehicle until he had parked the car perfectly within the parking demarcation lines.  Due to auto locking the request was unnecessary but alas Tom felt it needed to be said.  Eventually we are allowed to leave the vehicle and we see what you see above.  Tom had failed to note that his datum parking line was one placed to be used for parking in-between and not one for judging where the front of your vehicle is.  Poor old Tom, a great example of  precise parking imparted precisely incorrect.

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