Friday, April 13, 2012

Conc with New Corbin

After 41k with the aftermarket Kawasaki Gel seat decided to go for a Corbin after seeing one in Daytona this year.  First ride for me will be this Monday to Seneca and Wendy's first test will be next Friday when we go to Road Atlanta for the AMA meet.  Hope it is as comfortable as it looks!

Also just had it serviced, valves, vacuum, plugs, throttle bodies, coolant - some story - wish I had not bothered.  Will advise further but due to pending legal action will keep "stum" on the matter.

Any roads, here it is below after a 5 hours 'treat' clean. Also had my very first lamp blow on the PIAA's - not bad for 35k on the FZ1 and 30k on the Kwak.

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