Monday, September 26, 2011

Wisconsin Friend's Recent Canadian Trip

My friend Jonathan just returned from his annual motorcycle trip on his SV650 Suzuki.
Some of the trip's highlights and pictures below:
- 4,450 miles
- 11 days
- no rain
- temp range from 98 to 20 F
- 6 nights camping
- 4 US States and 5 Canadian Provinces
- Highest elevation 6,640 ft
What a wonderful experience and shows what a great bike the SV is.
The 4.5k Route
Jonathan on the trusty steed loaded with Givi's and the necessary Aerostich
Full moon rising over Glacier National Park
The Canadian Rockies
Jonathan and V-Strom at the Glacier National Park.

The Ice Field Parkway

Lake Louise

Jonathan's mate approaches a bend on his Harley on the Ice Field Parkway

Rockies in the rear view mirror.

Leaving Jasper
Maidstone Alberta - note the frost on the bikes - 20 F cooollll!!!!

This is a straight bit of road!!!

The bikes, tent and co-rider at Hudson Bay City, Saskatchewan.

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