Monday, August 1, 2011

Exuma 2011

The Swimming Pool at our resort in Emerald Bay, Exuma
Thanks to Kerry, the Pub Manager at the Drunken Duck and another Nottingham born person Guinness was available on Campus.
Me at the Pool prior to falling into the Sunburn trap later that day.
Another shot of the Pool

Wendy at the Pool doing a little curtsey!
Following the news on the second day of our vacation that we had a completed a project earlier that day after overcoming significant challenges the Champagne and Cubans were unleashed!
Cuban lit, bubbly in hand and 'cork up nose' - celebrations commence! 
One of our friendly bar team Lukiea
Lukiea and Denrick, my future partner in helping the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) support the islands with a new to the island form of generation, have a bit of a laugh!
Wendy, Vodka and Soda and moi with an Old Friend.
The night is young.
We took a speedboat trip around some of the Exuma Cays - this taken as we left port at speed.
Relaxing on the side of the boat - 007 Thunderball.  Note my self inflating shorts to assist in my survival should I get 'tossed' over board!
On a uninhabited Cay.
The boat awaits our return as Wendy paddles!
Self portrait of the Papps in Paradise.
Wend holds a starfish after our Captain dived unexpectedly off of the boat and disappeared underwater for several minutes. After returning he presented us with this wonderful specimen. 
Wonderful colors.
There it goes back home to the bottom of the Sea.
Wend stands atop an outlook on another uninhabited Cay
This, we were told, is one of the locations where scenes from The Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed - this marks the spot!
The boat awaits our return.
We approach a Cay, owned by Nicolas Cage, that has two interesting inhabitants that are en-route expecting our arrival.
Wend feeds one of the year round residents on Cage Cay

We moor ready to take a swim next to Cage Cay!
Wend holds a Brittle Fish
We go flying past Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's private island.
Another view of the Country AND Westerners Island - apparently their house in still under construction after four years.  The also have a number of visitors residences on their island to accommodate social events, etc.  These accommodations in themselves would not look out of place in a stockbroker belt believe me.  
Wend goes snorkeling.
Yes, almost there.
And away she goes!
Approaching the boat.
"Glad I looked up - could have banged my head"
Under an umbrella with the closest land over a mile away! During low tide this sand bank forms an almost perfect crescent island.
Wend and some of the other trip members go for a walk on the sand bar.
Wend tests her luck on the Wheel of Fortune being rewarded with a bottle of Rum.
Carnival evening and the Beer Boy approaches.
The Pool at dusk.
This should not be here but I couldn't resist.  This was the weather man on local TV who had a parrot puppet meteorologist in training.  He would do his forecast and then ask the parrot for its opinion.  What made this so funny is that the weatherman made no attempt whatsoever to be a ventriloquist but, when the parrot was expected to reply, he held his hand up to hide his mouth and then the parrot proceed to reply - brilliant!  Not only that but the parrot got every question he was asked correct - truly amazing - what skills these Bahamians have.
Wend stands on the #14 fairway with a couple of sailing boats cruising Emerald Bay behind her. We took a sail the day before and it was brilliant.

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