Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Dust Continues To Settle - Friends, Future and Forgiveness.

Well a week has passed since our first real and wonderful vacation in four (4) years ended and what a week.

Having spent the last 3+ months dedicated in recovering a bad situation in support of all, traveling weekly living away from home and family, supporting individuals to enhance themselves, provide them with security , a future both prior to and during this period while attempting to keep other aspects on the straight and narrow the decision was taken to start afresh.

A big decision but after a week of ups and downs the right decision -  I have no doubt.

My eyes have been opened and opened very wide!

1. Thirty four years of continuous employment has been a wonderful blessing.

2. During those thirty four years I have done everything I could to do things right, be supportive, stand by my convictions being a valued and professional person.  Some of the decisions I have made had some negative implications but have generally resulted with benefits that far outweighed those inevitable implications.

3. Continuous improvement through ongoing academia, learning from superiors and peers, learning from mistakes (made a lot of those but this week was not one of them), having luck (both good and bad) and taking risks has proven to be and continues to be fundamental in my ethos.

The salient outcomes from this week are:

1. No matter what negative consequences may occur to stand by your convictions will ultimately be replaced by rewards and a clear conscience.

2. Those that chose to use, abuse, lie and exploit what 'others' have done and take opportunities to belittle what 'others' have achieved and continue to achieve in support of themselves and put themselves in a better light while those 'others' have been absent in support of them sacrificing personal life and family time hopefully will receive all that they are wishing for as it is now out of those 'others' hands.

3. Those, and there are a few of them, who represented that what 'others' did that has been positive, productive, supportive, novel, ground breaking, etc. as their own doing now have the opportunity to do such on their own and prove themselves.  Those same people also have lost the opportunity to misrepresent 'others' when things go wrong so again here's your chance.  Remember if you don't do anything then you cant be criticized but that only can happen if there are 'others' that are actually doing something and not pretending to do something.

This week I have seen who are my friends, those who are supportive and those that favor taking the path of 'disconnection' and 'isolation' for what ever reasons but a week can be a long time and a lot can be learned from such a time.

The old cliche about being able to look in the mirror everyday is one that I impart daily without concern.  Those, and you know who you all are, please don't cut yourself shaving because your focus is being distracted by your conscience.

My best wishes to all who have and are connected with my career - most of you have been and continue to be wonderful.  Those, and you know who you are, I also send my best wishes as 'what goes around comes around' - enjoy the view in your mirror!

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