Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BS - An Acronym/Initials that Breezed Serenely Between Songs this Evening Before Sleep

BS, wonderful pair of initials that can be used so much, prophetically, descriptively, namely, objectionably and poetically.

BS, yes the obvious Bull Shit - heard a lot of that over the years but the more that time passes the more BS I seem to hear and the more it seems to carry value.

BS, Bachelor of Science.  Didn't get one of those but got a Bachelor of Engineering, BEng, instead.  Did a lot before I got the BEng but it became apparent that without the BEng I couldn't get past the BS (see above) so didn't have much choice.  Did it make me a better person, NO, did it make me more capable of doing my job, NO. What it did though was that it allowed me to look at those with a BS directly in the eye, disallowed them from looking down at me because I was now on the same 'academic' level so therefore it did have its rewards. It enabled me to interact with those with a superiority complex, not because they were any better, not because they were smarter, not because they could do their job better and not because they were more committed but because they had the opportunity, not all of course but most, by situation or circumstance, that some of us didn't have until we were older and willing to 'go for it' on our own.

BS, Barry Sheene, one of the most enigmatic characters ever to race a motorcycle.  A wonderful guy who lived his life the way he wanted.  His talent was tremendous and he was World Champion twice back in the 70's when BS, see above, was a little less dominant in life.  He was taken away from us too young early in the 21st Century by the BS disease cancer.

BS, Benelli Sei, the first production six cylinder road going motorcycle, a couple of years before the CBX and again from the 70's. In  reality only basically a 500/4 Honda based engine with two extra cylinders stuck on to make it a 750/6 but what balls to do this.  BS no, BS, Big Spheres, yes.

BS, Balto-Slavic, is the historical set of languages and dialects spoken by the Eastern Europeans south of the Baltic.  This acronym is of interest to me being of Hungarian descent and that countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina once were under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and also because of the especially horrendous War in the 90's that I have some friends that where involved and fortunately survived.

BS, British Standards, standards that I was involved with for the first 20 years of my career that rank as a set of standards to be emulated by others Worldwide and are under Royal Charter - no BS, see above here then!

BS, quite topically, as we have just returned from a fantastic holiday there, BS, well bs, is the Internet country domain code for the Bahamas, e.g. - amazing!

And on that note the last BS in this particular post which are the initials of an absolute waste of space that I shall not expand upon here but has led me to generate this piece of BS (see above) Post! 

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