Friday, March 25, 2011

Heaven Does Exist and it is in Kenosha WI!!!!!!!!!!

Yes you are seeing what you are seeing.  Shit photos but what the heck.
Detlef at a Wolfenbuttel Park in Kenosha that is actually called after the same place in Germany that his parents live - unbelievable.  Now the unbelievable follows!!!!!

Yes N30, RC30, RD500, Desmosedici, woowwweeeee

750S America

Desmosedici, 888, 750S and Elefant 750

RC30, NC30, and a load of Bimotas - yes Bimotas, more below!!!!

Bimota City - no you are not dreaming - yes 12 of them and that's just in this picture!

Seeley 750 Honda from Britain c/w British Reg.

Detlef can't quite believe it - neither can I - couple of old Gixxers there and a Mamola Beemer.


999R Xerox, RC45, VF1000R and DB5R

900 FE, Tri-clor and SB

Tri-color and Tesi

Magni Sport 1100S with GSX1100 Motor!!

Magni with 1000 Guzzi motor

One of my dream bikes a 888 SP with a 750S behind.

Tesi 3D and DB1

YB9 and Tesi 1D


KB1, S6R






DB6R with a RC45, VF100R and 900 FE behind.

Tesi 2D with Leo pipe!

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