Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daytona 2011 - First Pics

Stretched out and Orange - don't know what more to say?
Stretched out but in a different way - why, I don't know and all that money too - better spent in the engine and suspension but there you go, each to there own.
Small Harley, little Harley, small  Harley, little Harley - a big guy!
Sweet CBR
A lovely Indian
Interesting choice of helmet none the less a gorgeous bike.
Another stretched out and orange but very nice.
And another - obviously must be the flavor for  '11
Look at that primary drive, looks like something out of a barbers shop!
Speaks for itself.
Coffee and Creme - lovely!
Now this was just unbelievable - what a tremendous machine made up of all sorts of bike and car bits.
And here it is again - notice the Tank - some car rocker cover or something.
Nice 1000 Ducati from around '05, '06.
The Widow Maker in all it's glory - this was a gorgeous H2 - if he would have stopped long enough he could have been riding a Concours 14 home with some cash in his pocket but alas.
Now that's what you call a nice hard tail
This guy's interpretation on attending a "Webinar" Just look at the length of those handle bars.
This was nice - not sure if it had a "Bus" motor in it but nonetheless cool.
Pig on a Hog
Nice Daytona Beach Cop Bikes.
Neon Lights, Heavenly Neon Lights - Kratwerk and Pretty In Pink, Psychedelic Furs - sweet ride! Again look at the Barber Shop accessory!
This guy was hilarious - Hagar the Horrible - one way of spending a Friday night I suppose.
Another great hard tail
This SoB was chromed up to the eyeballs.
And yet another Stretched and Orange
This was cool - the guy started it up, or tried to but the battery was flat, wonder why, nonetheless he eventually got some of his buddies and he fired it up and what a sound - as was expected loud, loud and loud.
Now these are what you call ape-hangers
The 'bumped' bike from the rear - great paint job.
And again.
Sweet "Ladies" Bike.
Two Fat Asses, look at the one on the left jeez!
King Arthur strikes again, Dragon Slayer!
Note the Skull Headlight - seen this guy a few times over the weekend riding this.
Note the high tech safety device to the rear of the Bus!  Every Hyabusa rider should have them to go with their stretched swing arms
Yes, to ensure that the safety accessories don't melt due to the hot gases emitting out of the Muzzy, the wheels are made of carbon fiber with titanium supports and high temperature graphite grease lubricating the bearings to ensure they can sustain the high rotational velocity as this machine travels at speeds in excess of 2 mph! Notice the NoX bottle on the side to keep the rider awake to compensate for boredom.
A sow and a boar on two hogs
Harley powered thing!
This was very nice - at the track in Daytona
Another view - look at the machining, etc.
Hard Tail hard to beat.
R6 racer
CBX - could this be a Moto Martin frame?
Start/Finish stand at Daytona
Nice 848 racer
After the Superbike Race - Haydon's Suzuki
Tommy Haydon, 3rd in the Superbike Race
Haydon, Young and Hayes (3rd, 1st and 2nd respectively)
l -r, Ervin, Stephanie and yours truly.
Another R6 racer
Lovely 848
Pair of 848's the one on the right is an Evo
Ervin and Stephanie
Losh Dogg and his Dad, Old Dog
Tricked out 10R at the Kawasaki stand
2011 10R heavily modified, lovely but why?

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