Saturday, March 19, 2011

The CB gets a New Tail

The CB with its new (well new to it) matching tailpiece! As the collectors say - it has that patina that makes it look perfectly in place with the rest of the 30 year old bits.  Next thing is a tank!!
The tail piece was advertised off of a 750 - note how the side panel has the orange stripe above the red whereas the tank and tailpiece are reversed!
When I got the bike the seat was not bolted on, i.e. it was just sitting there held on by only the tang at the front of the seat under the frame and my fat ass. So I took the opportunity while exchanging the tailpiece to bolt the seat on, wish dealing with my fat ass was so easy!!!!!!

Look at those lovely stainless steel braided hoses, CBX forks and CBR600 wheels and discs!!!

Ohlins, Yoshi, Ohlins, Yoshi, Yoshi, Ohlins, back to my childhood - and its great!!

Once again the exchange of the stripes from the panel to the tailpiece is noticeable but I think quite good. Oh again, Yoshi, Ohlins, Ohlins, Yoshi and look at the polished CB1100 cylinder head and cover.

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