Monday, February 28, 2011

Detlef's Karmann Ghia

Yes I know it's another car but wow - you have to admit this is something else.
VW Karmann Ghia Type 34 "Der Grosse Karmann"with Detlef's beautiful wife and daughter who are dressed for the time of the car's vintage.

It is estimated that only 2000 of these survive with 400 of them known in the US despite the fact that the Type 34 was never officially imported into the US.

Detlef's 911 Carrera

Words are unnecessary!

Note the German  license plate OF for Offenbach (sp) DQ for it's owner Detlef Queisser and 911 - obvious!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 International Bikeshow, Greenville, South Carolina

Gorgeous XS650 from '75

Honda CB750 from '74 - K4

Wonderful GT750 with twin discs upfront

Yamaha 650 - XS1 from 1970

Pretty KZ900

Yamaha DT1 - 250
"Joker" Bus

Hayes' R1

Ohhh - don't forget the white glove! Moonwalk this SoB!

And from behind!

CB1000 with '81 color scheme - very nice.


Copper Knob!

Skinny rear with ultra comfortable seat - not

Now that's what you call - minimalistic!

The Old F**k' on a superb XTZ1200 Tenere

Wide and Single - wow
Cobra RS750 - hope they build these eventually - details below

Click on picture for details

And here's the Classic version of the Cobra RS750

The Man  - Mr. Schwantz
Hmm nice paint job

Monster Suzuki

Ducati Diavel Carbon - I'm still undecided.

Nice back end though

Detlef contemplates taking the Streefighter back home!
"What do you think Mick" call the wife I reply!
Yes I think I can live with this!
Just another minute please then I'll get off.

I shot the Sheriff and took his Bay M Vay with me!

Old ratter HD

Dusty Bin

Nice knuckle, pan, bone head or something?

As above

Fine example of the results when you polish a HD every weekend for 50 years

Wondered where the spare wheel off of my car went.

Hmm Detlef fancied this - don't think it would with the Streetfighter though!!

Round and round and round!

And round.....

Look no hands!

And round.........

Watch the stanchion - opps!

There's that bloody post again!

Must be attached to it with a piece of invisible string!

Jeez these Kawasaki clocks are tough on your balls!

That gas cap is playing havoc with my hemorrhoids!


Synchronized wheelying

Nice Kawasaki

Let's try it this way around.


No. go away I've had enough.

Britten in all his glory

Nice Duc

From Tennessee and claimed to be used daily.

Block painted V-Max

Love it or loath it still a good well done job

Good from all angles

Baja Special

Road legal with a FL plate

This must be fun


Micron pipe and mono shock suspension


Last of a kind

Promotion details for the Compact below that was made by Puch of Austria and sold in the Sates through the Sears catalog

And here is is in all its glory -top speed 42mph!!