Sunday, January 16, 2011

The New Acquisition - "Ducati the Catti" and the 5 Mistakes!!

A number of weeks ago, during a cold evening finishing using the barbecue I heard a 'crying' sound under the deck. It seemed to sound like a cat but couldn't find it.  So I decided to put some sardines and a drop of water next to the bird feeder in the back garden and see what happened. Mistake #1.

I went back into the house and looked out of the window to see what happened next.  About 10 minutes later there it was, a little cat went to the plates, ate and drank then back under the deck.  I went back out and called it to no avail.  So got a little more food and put it out, told Mick to come out and let's see if we can get its attention and trust.  We did. Mistake # 2.

Eventually, over a number of days, the cat kept reappearing, ate and drank but would not come near us. So we decided to bring the sustenance closer to the house in stages so that we might attract it to us and gain its trust. Mistake #3 (By the way there where no signs, etc. stating that a cat had been lost in the neighborhood so we just assumed it was a stray)

So after a week it is appearing frequently and approaching the back door.  We don't want it in the house but decide we will let it go into the screen porch to eat and take cover from local predators overnight, which after a number of evenings it accepts our kind invitation.  Mistake #4.

To cut a long story short after another week the cat is in the house.  Items have and are being bought for it like a scratch pad, a wee house, a couple of toys and now cat food is added to the weekly store list. Mistake #5.

The cat is now a 'house cat' it has to be literally kicked out of the house to go outside and it uses the 'kitty litter', which is located in my bathroom by the way, like it was raised using one!

After a lot of discussion we decide that it must go to the vet for a check up, etc., etc. - this has now got out of control but what the heck.  We go to the local vets and it is checked out.  It's fine, has no illnesses, gets all the jags, including rabies (!!!), found to be a female and, wait for it, has been spayed!!!! How could this be, why would it be roaming could, have we stolen someones cat, etc., etc.?  The vet said don't worry it would have not arrived at the house and made itself a home there if it had a caring home to go back to so all is cool - nuff said!

So the vet says see you in 3 weeks for the boosters and off we go.  Of course now the cat is part of the family it needs a name. This wasn't hard, as you can imagine - "Ducati the Catti"

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Wendy said...

Ha-Ha what a great story I love it you are in the wrong job for sure!!