Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 2011 in South Carolina

The Explorer sits on the drive and thinks to itself "How the hell did that happen - I'm home again!" After spending most of its 9 years of life either in Michigan or Utah the last few months of South Carolina weather has upset it somewhat but now its like a pig in s**t!!

Now here we have a different story - the poor old G8.  This thing has summer tires fitted and starts complaining if the temperature drops below 40F never mind below 30 and having all this white stuff around it. Getting out of the drive was a joke, I think it required 5 or 6 "R" to "D" exchanges just to turn it around never mind getting off of the drive on to the road at the front of the house (Just love those automatic gearboxes).  To complete the delicate task of commencing the effort of getting to work we had to take an advanced look at the road to make sure it was clear then take a run up and off the drive to get on to the road, any effort to drive to the end of the drive, stop and then make the transition was just never going to happen.  Of course the run off the drive had to be measured to ensure we didn't end up in the ditch on the opposite side of the road but fast enough to get through the snow pile.

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