Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful Cars Residing in Germany near Alzenau

While in Germany during the first week of September I had the pleasure of meeting some new people and some especially pleasurable in meeting.  One is Dieter who owns a number of cars and motorcycles so we have a number of things in common over and above our professions and that is always a very nice thing.

Dieter kindly took time out after I returned to the US and provided me with some photos of his cars and I present them below. I am especially fond of the Citroen as it brings back memories of the classic UK comedy show 'Allo Allo' in addition to the fact that it is a pretty car.

'75 Mercedes 350 SLC

A beautiful Citroen 11CV from 1956 in appropriate surroundings 

Below a 1958 MGA

Above one of my dream cars from the 80's a 944 Porsche from 1983

And below a VeeDub  with 200, yes 200 PS (Pferde Starke) Woowwwweeee!!

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