Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Weekend 2010

Frontage road adjacent to I-26 near Riverbanks Zoo- (Monsters not allowed!)
The Monster thought it was at Deals Gap for a few corners.

The Doctor Z tries to sneak in behind the Conc.

The Suzuki follows the doctors orders and takes the weight off it's wheels for a while.

Spaded, Jaded, but not quite faded.

The Monster mid make over.

The Monster takes in the sun before being put back into its cage.

The Monster fully made over.

The Lincoln tries to get a space in the garage before the Monster gets in.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful Cars Residing in Germany near Alzenau

While in Germany during the first week of September I had the pleasure of meeting some new people and some especially pleasurable in meeting.  One is Dieter who owns a number of cars and motorcycles so we have a number of things in common over and above our professions and that is always a very nice thing.

Dieter kindly took time out after I returned to the US and provided me with some photos of his cars and I present them below. I am especially fond of the Citroen as it brings back memories of the classic UK comedy show 'Allo Allo' in addition to the fact that it is a pretty car.

'75 Mercedes 350 SLC

A beautiful Citroen 11CV from 1956 in appropriate surroundings 

Below a 1958 MGA

Above one of my dream cars from the 80's a 944 Porsche from 1983

And below a VeeDub  with 200, yes 200 PS (Pferde Starke) Woowwwweeee!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kevin's '70 Chevelle 454 SS

Trip To Germany September 2010

I recently took a business trip to Germany and accompanied my boss from the Head Office in Krefeld.  We had a day free, Saturday, so we agreed we would go to Koln.  Ahead of that, actually the Friday evening, we were enjoying some Bavarian Beer when we started to talk about Hansel and Gretel - this was due to Roland, who speaks excellent English by the way - confusing the word 'bitch' with 'witch' but that's another story!!!  Anyhow when we eventually got to the meaning he wanted, i.e 'witch' via Hansel and Gretel Roland advised me that the Brothers Grimm were born and used to live nearby. (We were in Alzenau by the way and a very nice hotel too I might add)  More coincidentally the town they were born in was indeed the town Roland was born in, i.e. Hanau - incredible! "Do you want to pop in tomorrow en-route to Koln?" No brainer, of course yes let's do it.

Die Bruder Grimm Memorial, Hanau Market Square

So Saturday morning arrived and off we went to Hanau, less than 15 minutes and a tremendous drive through the lanes with a couple of dozen motorbikes following and then, as the opportunity presented itself, passing us at good turns of speed. I was jealous but at least I was in a nice Audi driven by Roland who is not a driver who focuses in on fuel economy too closely if you get my drift.  We got to Hanau, drove past his old flat where he lived for the first few years of his life, on Die Bruder Grimm Strasse believe it or believe it not and also passed his first school, yes you've guessed it "Die Bruder Grimm Schule!!!! We parked the car and walked towards the old market square. 
Roland in front of the German House of Goldsmiths

Roland poses in front of the Church in Hanau his town of birth

The Rathaus, Hanau

On the way to the square we passed one of the churchs left as a memorial to WWII where you can see that the roof which was destroyed by fire and never replaced.  Roland advised that nearly 90% of Hanau was destroyed by fire towards the end of WWII and apparantly this is not an isolated case, Koln, where we were going to later that day was in receipt of a similar fate. When we arrived at the Square it was tremendous, the town market was in full swing and the smell were gorgeous, fresh fruit and vegatables and loads of meats and salamis just waiting to be taken and eaten - what a glorious experience and one long forgotton one I'm afraid.

So we walked through the market and arrived at the Brothers Grimm Memorial.  We read the plaque and, took some photos, see above, and Roland commenced to tell me stories about the town and his childhood. We then went to look at the Rathaus and some other pretty buildings, all of which rebuilt of course but nonetheless very interesting, and started to make our way back to the car.  Then incredibly Roland started to bump into people he knew when he lived in Hanau and its environs having been away from the area for over 9 years - a direct neighbor and a school/college friend to name but two. We talked, Roland and his friends reminisced and off we went.  It then dawned on Roland that it was his sisters birthday and he asked if I minded if we popped in to see her as she lived only 10km from Hanau.  I of course agreed, he bought some flowers and off we went. 

We arrived at his sister's house but unfortunately she was away for the weekend enjoying a birthday treat but all was not lost, I met Roland's nephew and his mother who lives next door - so that was very nice. Off to Koln we went, via a couple of Autobahns and seeing 240 kph more than once - now that is fun especially when you have drivers that know how to drive and have road sense - Americans note - lane discipline, use of trafficators, etc. all would be a lot better but I fear that isn't going to happen - left lane hogging seems to be the order of the day in the US and the cops don't help either with their cell phones glued to their ears and undertaking all the time while  -  STOP enough, getting into a rant that has no place here!

The Main Spire of Koln Cathedral

We arrived at Koln at about 13.00 and were lucky enough to find a parking space quite close to the Cathedral, 30 minutes later and we would have been stuck in at least a 30 minute queue as the line of Saturday shoppers and visitors was growing quickly. We walked towards the Catherdal and it is indeed very inspring and a wonderful building that took hundreds of years to build starting in 13th Century. Roland and I spent some time in the Cathedral then made our way to a local hostelry for lunch - a nice beer, Kolsch, and a black pudding with mashed potato - very tasty indeed.

Roland with the great spire of Koln Cathedral behind.

One of the ornately decorated doors to the Cathedral

Another view of the spire.

The Cathedral with the Museum Ludwig to the lower right 

The main spire taken from the bar we enjoyed Kolsch Bier 

We left Koln, watered, fed and we made our way to Krefeld to Rolands house to meet his lovely family again, and his eldest son for the first time, and enjoyed a relaxing evening of barbeque and beer ahead of an early morning departure back to the US. 

Roland in between two very expensive motor vehicles at our hotel in Alzenau pretends to 'unlock' his latest acquisition!
A SWB Maybach

A LWB Maybach. We are talking big bucks here by the way. Prior to seeing these two gems at the same time the one and only other time I have seen a Maybach was at Bay Harbor, MI back in 2004 - check at their website - this white one has the ability for the two rear seats to fold out into beds just like those seats in first class on a jetliner.