Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mick, Monster and Monster Arai

Mick and his new Arai "Monster" Hopper Replica on 'our' Monster S4 Ducati.

Stopped off last week (Friday August 13th - unlucky for some not Mick!) en-route to VIR for the AMA Race weekend at the Competition Accessories Superstore at Rock Hill.  The story behind this little detour was that during the previous evening I was preparing for our trip to VIR when I asked Mick if he would like to have a tinted visor on his Edwards Laguna Seca Arai helmet in place of the clear one currently fitted.  He of course agreed.

Now it has been about 18 months since I changed a quick release ADSIS (sp) visor and I attempted to do it like our friends showed me, more than once I might add, with the 'twist and snap' technique.  "It sounds bad but don't worry!!!" at Arai's race track stand is my vivid recollection of the demo.

Well I did the 'twist and snap' technique, which was accompanied by the pre-warned 'crack' sound but that was not the 'crack' type of sound I remembered. Yes, my fears were true, the visor came off as did the left hand side visor mechanism cover.  I picked it up and noticed that the little uppermost tang on the side plate was bust!!!!  Damn it.

So my recovery plan was put into action.

1. Get old Mick Doohan Replica Arai out of garage.
2. Fumigate said helmet as it has at least 4 years of spiders living in it.
3. Remove side cover, clean and attach to Edwards replica - will look like shit but will allow required tinted visor to be fitted for pending trip.

So that was the plan - wrong.  Despite the fact that the side cover plates both looked identical, color differentials accepted, they were not!

After 10 minutes of the 'pointless' let me try it this way, that way, the other way, it must fit, I gave up - screw this.  Recovery Plan 2 was required.

1. Dump Edwards Replica
2. Replace side cover plate removed during Recovery Plan 1, complete with tinted visor, back on to Mick Doohan Replica circa 1999.
3. Fumigate said helmet 'properly this time.
4. Plan for the detour tomorrow to said store to collect new helmet of Mick's choice.

So Friday morning came and as a caring and safety aware father I passed my Edwards Valencia Replica Arai to Mick and I wore the 1999 Doohan trash can and off we went.

Two (2) hours later we are at the shop and the selection process begins - one (1) hour later, the choice is made, a tinted visor fitted - not by me please note  - and off we go to arrive in VA and have a great weekend watching the racing, eating and drinking with our friends from OTT and getting sun burnt - what more is there to write?

Almost forgot, the '99 trash can was kindly removed from my possession by the good folks at Competition Accessories - worth a visit by the way and the Arai John Hopkins "Hoppy" Monster Replica was a steal!!!

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