Monday, June 1, 2009

Pictures from the Weekend

What follows is a very small selection of pictures Mick Jr took at the weekend. If you click on them you will see how amazing some of them are.

Lanzi gives us a wee wave on the DFX Corse 1098R

Nori pulls into the pits.

Xaus, BMW '111' comes in after a warm up lap. We saw him in Applebees in Tooele Sunday night with some 'Yamaha' guys - off the record negotiations or just buddies from the past??????

Jami Hacking had a great weekend apart form the 2nd race but s**t happens. He earned his colors yet again and through it all he didn't forget his fans - well done Jamie - Mladin take note Sir.

The great Scott Russell - we had to drag Wendy away from him.

You'd think that they had known each other for years.

Greg 'nice guy' White with the 'two' croanies!!!

"First corner" frenzy!!!!

Michel Fabrizio gets the sparks going - click on the picture to really see them!

Our favorite man again, Frankie!!!

We were just talking about the fact that we had not seen MJ at a meeting since Daytona '07 then amazingly within 30 seconds of that comment he appeared - very weird!!!!

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