Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Muzzy's Fitted

Very nice quality pipes. They save a significant amount of weight and compared to the 'blunderbust' silencer on the stock pipe they make the bike look so much better. The 4 into 2 balances the bike up visually as well as from a weight perspective.

Decided on the carbon fiber silencers as I thought it went with the black theme on the bottom of the fairing and boxes. Also needed the replacement main stand from Muzzy which is necessary to allow for fitting of the lefthand silencer. This, if anything, would be my only criticism. The replacement stand is expensive and it is a little different to put the bike on to it - care needed when you first try it otherwise you can throw the bike over - you have been warned!!!!

The picture here does not do them justice - those end caps are gorgeous!

Once again the picture does not do the pipes justice but compared to the OE downpipes these are so pretty, cylinders 1 and 4 nicely disappear behind 2 and 3 - look at the OE pipes and you will see what I mean!!! Again gorgeous.

She doesn't need to talk - you can tell she's happy!!!

Check out the new silencer and how it removes that bulky image that the old pipe gives. You need to hear it also, wow wee, it's not too load but throaty and screams nicely as the revs get up there. It also does a lovely little 'pop' on overrun - you can't beat that! All in all well worth it. Road Atlanta here we come!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Extract from Canyons website March '09

The Canyons annual slope style event was off the hook. The talent killed it, the course was amazeing and the crowd loved every minute of it. We saw plently of 7's, 9's and every combo of jib trick in the book go down throughout the comp. McRae had the smoothest runs of the day. The Peter bros battled it out one right after the other all day. Flaska had large tricks pop out of his bag. Andy Kantola(rail jam winner) was throwing down. Miklos Papp impressed us with huge style spins. All in all, it was a fun day watching the park slayers murder the course. Here are the final results:

Men's Ride - Open
1st - Ryan Flaska
2nd - Andy Kantola
3rd - Miklos Papp

In Action

Canyons Respect Park Slope Style