Monday, August 18, 2008

VIR "The Big Kahuna" 2008

Josh Herrin and Girl Friend - Josh riding something I think he might find a little too powerful - not!

A very unusual 1098S to say the least. A 1098 I would have thought would have been near to the bottom of the list to consider as a bike that needed an increase in gas range. Stopping for gas at least allows timely stretching and relaxation of the back side for a few while filling up. If you look closely at this 1098S you will notice the plumbing on the panniers at the rear. Yes instead of carrying luggage this 1098S "Super tourer" has auxiliary fuel tanks. So you can go long distances without needing to refuel but you cannot take any luggage with you - a little bit of a 'confused' basis here or what? Notwithstanding this a very neat job and if it can be done then why not? It also carried a Garmin/Ducati GPS and a number of Powerlet outlets.

A very pretty Hypermotard.

Another nice 'NCR' Hypermotard

Formula Extreme and Supersport rider Jessica Zalusky and Wendy.

Josh Hayes shows some muscle after his Formula Extreme win on Saturday - he followed up on Sunday winning the Supersport also.

Hayes sprays the champers!

Now if this isn't a great guy then I don't know who is. Ben Bostrom came second in the Supersport race on Sunday after Hayes and in front of his team mate Josh Herrin. After the presentations a young fan asked for the empty bottle of champagne but quite correctly Ben stated he couldn't let him have it BUT, and this is the BUT, Ben said "hold on a moment".

He went back to the podium, collected his trophy and gave it to the kid!!! Unbelievable. What an incredible thing to do. All the people in the vicinity couldn't believe it either.

What a memory the kid, his buddies and his family will have forever - Ben well done. You are a shining example to all of what makes a truly tremendous sportsman and why people continue to support such a tremendous sport.

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