Saturday, August 9, 2008

Short and Sweet Chicago Trip

The Chicago Trump Tower approaches its peak and completion.

Piri and Mick August 5th 2008 in front of the Trump Tower.

Mick flew into Chicago for the weekend from Park City for the 3 day Lollapalooza festival. They both enjoyed the festival saying it was incredible and the weather was fantastic too. Their favorites where Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead and Kanye West.

I was lucky enough to have to attend some business meetings in the Chicago area this week so I managed to hook up with them.

I rode the Conc again and added another 1,750 miles on her (this time I did the whole trip and so no rain until I was 10 miles from home on the return journey so no complaints there) - she has just had her 15,000 mile service ready for the AMA VIR rounds next weekend.

Piri and Mick pose next to the King Lear sculpture erected this year on Michigan Avenue.

Piri and Mick next to the Jack Brickhouse bust also on Michgan Avenue, Chicago

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