Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zumo, Beltronics Rx65, PIAA's, Back Rest and Pulsating Front Brake!

Relocated the ZUMO so that Wendy can see it. In its place mounted the Rx65 and plumbed it in with the Powerlet kit. Also mounted the PIAA's off the FZ1 - note the switch to the right of the clocks.

PIAA's placed last night on the old reflector mounts. I have directed them for 'deer' patrol but may relocate onto the bottom of the mirrors depending on how they fare this weekend on the Road Atlanta trip. They are incredibly bright!!!

Also got the 'scoot' Silverwing backrest and fitted earlier this week for 'further' Wendy comfort! Mounted the top case a little further back than I had it originally to provide a little more space for the backrest hence room for Wendy. Again this weekends trip to Road Atlanta will be the proving round.

Mounted the J&M Bluetooth headset onto the Arai last week and head set onto Wendy's. Set all up now for Bluetooth connectivity with the ZUMO and the Blackberry plus the 'direct line' to Wendy.

08/29/08 - Following the recent 'pulsating' through the front brake lever that commenced and gradually got worse the last few hundred miles - my Ace dealership Performance Motorcycles Inc. of Greenwood were provided with replacement rotors and they kindly fitted them to the Conc' today. Wow what a difference - this will make the trip to Road Atlanta more comfortable and I will be able to focus more on the new toys. Thanks Keith.

See the Concours Owners Site for more details on this subject but my '98 ZX9R C1 had the same issue after about 10,000 miles. The rotors were changed under warranty but I sold it with 18,000 miles on the clock so not quite enough time to observe if a repeat situation was about to ensue.

Now the Conc' has had them changed at 15,500 miles I will see if there will be a repeat offence - pretty diabolical on Kawasaki's behalf anyway that the only two modern day Kawasaki's I have owned have suffered from the same issue over a 10 year period.

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