Sunday, July 13, 2008

Donington Moto GP June 2008

Here are some of the bikes left parked behind the Redgate grandstand at Donington Park after the Moto GP.

There were over 90,000 spectators which is very close if not the most ever to see a bike race at Donington.

Just read that the circuit is scheduled to hold the 2010 F1 British Grand Prix. As a result the circuit is being extended to 3 miles and a new grandstand/pit area is to built. Superb and only 17 years after the last F1 event - well done Donington.

Don't forget that 90,000 spectators who travel mainly cars not on motorbikes need to get out in a reasonable time - we left Donington at 19:00 on the Sunday evening and it still took over 50 minutes to get to the motorway which was still solid at 20:00 - good job I remembered some back roads when I was a kid otherwise we would have missed last orders in Nottingham!

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