Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shots from the last day at Miller Motorsport Park

Wend with Miguel Duhamel

This Carlos Checa and Michel Fabrizio after WSBK Race 2. Carlos won both of them. The last time Carlos actually won a race was in '98 and here he is 10 years later and he wins 2 in one day - fantastic. He fully deserved it as he rode both races magnificently.

A close up of Checa after the presentation and interviews on the stage.

This is Dave, our friend from On the Throttle TV (OTT - see link above) interviewing Fabrizio after coming 3rd in the 2nd race the same position he finished race 1 earlier in the day.

This is Wend and and Carlos post Race 2. You can see how happy he is and such a well deserved couple of wins. Directly after this he was wisked to SLC airport and flown to Japan to commence his preparations for the "8 hours of Suzuka". We thought we have it bad because we have to ride over 2,000 miles in 3 days to go back to work in time on Thursday!

Mick Jr and some of the Alfa Romeo ladies he 'bumped' into in the pits.

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