Friday, May 23, 2008

Utah Awaits!

Rode the Conc to Greenwood this morning with my buddy Ken who is visiting from Scotland this week with his wife Ann (Ken has ridden bikes for years and currently enjoys an FZ6 Yam). The purpose of the trip today was to replace the 'shoes on the horse' as at 8,000 m the rear was shot and the front cupped. Trusty Battlax's back on, why not - they lasted well and performed flawlessly!

So ahead of the trip thought I would take a couple of pic's and here they are below.

This one shows the recently installed Zumo and what a beauty it is. Plumbed it in 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. What a great piece of kit, solid, relatively easy to read at all times and for a computer geek like me, not, it is pretty easy to use. Mounted it onto the riser brackets I fitted a few weeks ago and for once it am very pleased.

You can also see in the picture another ball mount I put onto the clutch lever/cylinder mount. I also fitted another 12V Powerlet outlet onto the 'blanked' piece on the inner fairing so I have 2 Powerlet and the standard 1 cigar 12V outlets - enough for anyone I would like to think but we will see.

Since I fitted the gel seat I wondered about getting some sheepskin covers because I have always wanted them but nave never been able to convince myself. As you can see I succumbed to the years of denial. I got them from Aerostich and the UT trip will be the first greater than 150 mile trip with them on so we are looking forward to it.

They clip off very easy so if it rains while we're not ridiing I'll just take them off and dry them out overnight before replacing so we shall see how it goes.

So this Sunday it is. We will miss the Indy 500 for the first time in years but I think it will be worth it. We have 4-day tickets for the WSBK/AMA double header next week complete with paddock passes at the Miller Motorsports Park and we will be seeing Mick Jr. for the first time in 5 months so we are really looking forward to that - what a great week or so it is going to be.

Weather check has NOT been done so we will en-route and avoid on a daily basis as necessary - can't be doing too much planning you know - that GPS has to pay for itself!!

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