Thursday, May 29, 2008

Miller Motorsports - Ducati's

Ducati Monster 'Off road' special. This bike has been featured in a number of recent bike magazines - looks good.

Mick Jr and I on Ducati Hypermotards - these are incredible machines - 1100 cc's, weigh nothing and are super skinny. My license would last half a day on one of these max but it would be one hell of an experience.

Miller is a really nice circuit and it was great seeing some familiar faces again from WSBK - it's been 9 years since we've been to a WSBK meeting so this is exciting. Great being with Mick Jr. too - its been nearly 6 months since we've seen him. Better pictures tomorrow off the camera not the phone.

Before I forget and thanks to Tim I need to report on the sheepskin seat covers. Well the verdict is a big plus. They add a little more comfort, look good and stay in place. They have gotten wet twice now and because of the natural waterproof qualities of sheepskin they 'brush' dry so no problems there.

Also this morning I rode from Tollgate Canyon where Mick Jr lives just north of Park City and it SNOWED!!! Yes within 2 days I have ridden in temperatures from 105 down to freezing - it was pretty damn weird scrapping that snow off the seat and my windshield today believe me - wow.

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