Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is why we do it.

Wendy, Mick Jr and Regis Laconi - Another hell of a nice guy.

Wendy, Mick Jr and Ruben Xaus. We saw Ruben for the first time back around 1995 or '96 at Donington when he was a young racer in the GP's. He crashed right in front of us and he sat on the crash barrier ahead of us until the practice finished - I recall his 'strange' name on his leathers - if we only knew.

This IS the man - Pierre Francesco Chili - We have a picture, signed by "Frankie" taken in 1998 with Mick Jr, who was 8 at the time, sitting on his knee at Donington Park. In 2002 we watched the WSBK round at Laguna Seca and we got Frankie to sign the very picture when Mick Jr was 12. Here we are now and Mick Jr is 18 and Frankie is still the man Mick Jr remembers and why he, and we, still love the sport. God bless Frankie.

Well well well. In 1996 I took a picture of Wendy with Troy Corser at Donington Park - Troy was the guy that did these really special wheelies with his right leg crossed over the seat while he rode his 916 Ducati. He raced against Foggy and other great riders, as he still does now of course. He became WSBK Champ and we loved him. Here we are now in 2008 and he is still at it and still at the top of the game but, more importantly, he still IS that the nice guy. While we were getting ready to take this picture a really excited guy wanted his picture taken with Troy. As the excited guy messed with his bag to get his very nice digi camera out his helmet nearly fell out of his bag and guess what, Troy noticed this and grabbed the bag and gave the guy a hand. What more do you need to say??? Thank you Troy and thank you for being who you are. Wendy was really excited by the way. (So was I but don;t tell anyone)

Mick Jr on Honda CBR RR's

Mick Jr on a Fireblade, sorry, CBR1000RR

Mick Jr on a CBR600RR - he liked both these Honda's better than the Yam R1 and R6. He stated that he thought the Yams were too aggressive and would be a problem for general riding - he cited my Monster S4 as probably the most comfortable bike he had ridden and that the Honda's were close to the "Duck"

Mick Jr on a Yamaha FJR1300 AE

Mick Jr on a Yamaha FZ1 - This is the later model to my FZ1 - this had fuel injection as opposed to mine which is carb'd - they had a lot of problems sorting out the fuelling on the new one and it still might not be quite right.

Mick Jr on an Yamaha R1

Mick Jr on a Yamaha R6.
He prefered the FZ1 to the R1 and R6. Once he sat on the CBR600 and CBR1000RR's he preferred them to the Yams!!!

Mick Jr and the Ladies

I've got 2 Ducati's and he hasn't - I wonder???

Hannspree Hotties and Mick Jr - and we had to twist his arm to pose for this picture - not!

Race Day 2 May 31 2008 WSBK Riders

Max Biaggi (3 Italy) Sterilgarda/Go Eleven Ducati 1098R. Four time 250 GP World Champion - the Roman Emporer

Carlos Checa (7 Spain) Rookie Superbike year but 15 year veteran of Grand Prix. Hannspree/Ten Kate Honda CBR1000RR

Checa waving at Mick and I.

Troy Corser (11 Aus) twice WSBK World Champion. Yamaha Motor Italia YZF-R1

Fonsi Nieto (10 Spain) son of the great Angel Nieto mulit 50, 80 and 125 World Champ. Suzuki Alstare GSX-R1000

Checa (7) interview after the Superpole.

Troy Bayliss (21 Aus) twice WSBK World Champion Ducati Xerox 1098R

Troy interviewed after Superpole

Vitorrio Ianuzzo (13 It) multi class experience. Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX-10R

Karl Muggeridge (31 Aus) World Supersport Champ. D.F.Racing Honda CBR1000RR

Ryuchi Kiyanari (23 J) twice British Superbike Champion Hannspree/Ten Kate Honda CBR1000RR

Shinichi Nakatomi (38 J) YZF Yamaha YZF-R1 second season in WSBK

Gregorio Lavilla (36 Sp) 2005 British Superbike Champion Vent Axia/VK Honda CBR1000RR

Yukio Kagayama (34 J) Suzuki Alstare GSX-R1000

Lorenzo Lanzi (57 It) R.G.Team Ducati 1098R

Regis Laconi (55 Fr) runner up in 2004. Kawasaki PSG-1 Corse ZX-10R

Kenan Sofuoglu(54 Turkey) reigning World Supersport Champion. Hannspree/Ten Kate Honda CBR1000RR

Max Neukirchner (76 D) firat WSBK round win this year. Suzuki Alstare GSX-R1000

Max during interview after Superpole.

Scott Jensen (61 USA) Wild card in WSBK sponsored by our friend Chris Mayte's company OTT (On The Throttle) WOW!!!

Fabrizio during post Superpole Interview.

Fabrizio (84) leaving the interview stage post Superpole

Michel Fabrizio (84 It) Ducati Xerox 1098R

Russel Holland (83 Aus) rookie year. D.F.Racing Honda CBR1000RR

Ayrton Badovini (86 It) first year in WSBK. Team Pedercini Kawasaki ZX-10R

Shuhei Aoyama (88 J) Alto Evolution Honda Superbike CBR1000RR

Makato Tamada (100 J) Kawasaki PSG-1 Corse

Jakob Smrz (96 CZ) Guandalini Racing By Griofo's Ducati 1098R

Sebastian Gimbert (194 Fr) Yamaha France/IPone/GMT 94 YZF-R1

Ruben Xaus (111 Sp) Sterilgarda/Go Eleven Ducati 1098R