Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yes The Most Boring Post Yet But!!

Here are some pictures before and after of the passenger footrests on the Conc. You will note the OE ones are somewhat small and have no rubber insert.

After reviewing the Concours Owners club web site a few weeks ago I chanced across some owners of the '14' who had replaced the OE items with ones off the older 1000 model. As you can see they have the rubber inserts and are significantly wider and longer.

The result hopefully will be a more comfortable ride for the pillion (aka Wendy) with the objective of longer distances traveled without the need for a break! (aka 'Fag Stop')

They took no longer than 3 minutes to fit each side and can be gotten off eBay for pennies, these cost me 99c each plus shipping!!!!

You need the springs though so make sure you get the complete footrest from the '1000' as the '14' uses a ball bearing latch arrangement to lock in place, i.e. up or down.

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