Monday, April 21, 2008

Barber Motorsports AMA Superbike weekend April 18 - 20

Our friend and Iron Butter Ervin. Yes he has done it, 11,000 miles in 11 days, on a 1800 Wing in 2003 - check the IBA web-site out for details. Seen here on a Monster 998 Tricolore.

32 valves, 847 cc, shaft drive and Italian - shame it never made it but here is the 1994 Morbidelli V8 - this one at Barber and three others are at Guggenheim museums in NY, LV and Bilbao.

The wonderful Mr. Larry Pegram and Wendy - what a great guy.

Yes these are policemen and yes their bikes are 1800 Goldwings. When you've been to Deals Gap and seen a Wing ridden properly you can understand why this is a good choice for a cop bike. This photo lends itself to a comedic slogan - one will follow soon!

Yes your eyes do not deceive you this is a Kawasaki '5' cylinder two stroke - this was ridden around the periphery of the track all weekend - what a sound!

Yes, once again your eyes do not deceive you - this is a Kawasaki V8 - Z1800!

And here it is in its full glory V8 Z1800.

In the background it 'Mike the Bikes' actual '78 TT winning Ducati. Next to the bike is the actual paperwork authenticating this fact from Sports Motorcycles owner Steve Wynne dated 10/1/94. To the left is one of the new millenium MHR's that sold out within 1 hour of being advertised on the net and to the right an early 80's replica.

Wendy on a Monster 696 - nice middle size bike and a great one to commence your life long relationship with Ducati - warning once you've ridden a Duc you'll never go back!!

A 1993 Supemono - single cylinder, 549 cc 75 hp - wow.

Some very strange character on a lovely 1000S classic replica.

A Desmosedici - slobber, cry, whine, help - I need this!!!

Real 750 motorcycling - an '86 F1 750 Montjuich - I nearly bought one of these back in the '90's when in Scotland - For reasons best known to myself I didn't strike the deal - what a plonker.

You need to see this in the flesh to appreciate it but a 2007 1098S Tricolore - beautiful.

What ever you do if you get the chance to be in the Birmingham AL area you MUST visit this museum. The race circuit itself lends itself to spectating and the up-keep is beyond no doubt the best in the World - well done Mr. Barber and his team.

Oh by the way, we did watch the racing, well that was the point of going there in the first place. Weather was good, racing was good with the exception of the Superbike rounds, yes Mladin and Suzuki - again, but the lower placings racing was close and it is great to see Neil Hodgson again in AMA. The Conc' performed flawlessly again and the passenger foot rests met with all expectations - a good 800 mile teaser for the 5,000 mile run to Salt Lake and back at the end of May for the Miller rounds!!!

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