Sunday, April 27, 2008

Handle Bar risers fitted - another prep for the Utah run!

Risers installed on "bars" complete with 12V accessory outlet and ball mount for GPS/Radar Detector, etc.

These raise the bars 1.75" and move them backwards 0.75".

Relatively easy to fit kit that comes complete with longer bolts, relocation bracket for front brake hydraulic line and longer bolt to relocate clutch line. Nice quality and good instructions.

Part # CO1400RB from

Spoke to Larry on the phone and he is a very nice knowledgeable guy - check his other items for the Conc. out.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Shots of Mick Jr at the Copper Mtn Nationals early April 2008

Pictures copyrighted and used with the kind permission of - check their site out - link is above.

The Three Amigos

Cop 2 - "What's that damn smell?"

Cop 3 - "I told you we shouldn't have gone for that Mexican last night"

Cop 1 - "And to think I left the Village People to work with you guys!"

Barber Motorsports AMA Superbike weekend April 18 - 20

Our friend and Iron Butter Ervin. Yes he has done it, 11,000 miles in 11 days, on a 1800 Wing in 2003 - check the IBA web-site out for details. Seen here on a Monster 998 Tricolore.

32 valves, 847 cc, shaft drive and Italian - shame it never made it but here is the 1994 Morbidelli V8 - this one at Barber and three others are at Guggenheim museums in NY, LV and Bilbao.

The wonderful Mr. Larry Pegram and Wendy - what a great guy.

Yes these are policemen and yes their bikes are 1800 Goldwings. When you've been to Deals Gap and seen a Wing ridden properly you can understand why this is a good choice for a cop bike. This photo lends itself to a comedic slogan - one will follow soon!

Yes your eyes do not deceive you this is a Kawasaki '5' cylinder two stroke - this was ridden around the periphery of the track all weekend - what a sound!

Yes, once again your eyes do not deceive you - this is a Kawasaki V8 - Z1800!

And here it is in its full glory V8 Z1800.

In the background it 'Mike the Bikes' actual '78 TT winning Ducati. Next to the bike is the actual paperwork authenticating this fact from Sports Motorcycles owner Steve Wynne dated 10/1/94. To the left is one of the new millenium MHR's that sold out within 1 hour of being advertised on the net and to the right an early 80's replica.

Wendy on a Monster 696 - nice middle size bike and a great one to commence your life long relationship with Ducati - warning once you've ridden a Duc you'll never go back!!

A 1993 Supemono - single cylinder, 549 cc 75 hp - wow.

Some very strange character on a lovely 1000S classic replica.

A Desmosedici - slobber, cry, whine, help - I need this!!!

Real 750 motorcycling - an '86 F1 750 Montjuich - I nearly bought one of these back in the '90's when in Scotland - For reasons best known to myself I didn't strike the deal - what a plonker.

You need to see this in the flesh to appreciate it but a 2007 1098S Tricolore - beautiful.

What ever you do if you get the chance to be in the Birmingham AL area you MUST visit this museum. The race circuit itself lends itself to spectating and the up-keep is beyond no doubt the best in the World - well done Mr. Barber and his team.

Oh by the way, we did watch the racing, well that was the point of going there in the first place. Weather was good, racing was good with the exception of the Superbike rounds, yes Mladin and Suzuki - again, but the lower placings racing was close and it is great to see Neil Hodgson again in AMA. The Conc' performed flawlessly again and the passenger foot rests met with all expectations - a good 800 mile teaser for the 5,000 mile run to Salt Lake and back at the end of May for the Miller rounds!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Estoril Portugal MotoGP Round 3

Great race with the majority of the race going through minor showers. Early on in the race they brought the white flags out to allow tire changes but no one made the change - a good decision by all. Poor old Haydon dropped it when he was looking good for a 4th or 5th just after De Puniet dropped it when he was a comfortable 4th! Both looked like low sides and neither were hurt so at least that's a good thing.

Race Results

1. Lorenzo (Sp) Fiat Yamaha 25 pts (First MotoGP win)
2. Pedrosa (Sp) Repsol Honda 20 pts
3. Rossi (It) Fiat Yamaha 16 pts
4. Edwards (US) Tech 3 Yamaha 13 pts
5. Hopkins (US) Kawasaki 11 pts
6. Toseland (UK) Tech 3 Yamaha 9 pts


1. Lorenzo 61 pts
2. Pedrosa 61 pts
3. Rossi 47 pts
4. Stoner 40 pts
5. Toseland 29 pts (Toseland's 3rd race in MotoGP after moving from WSBK)
6. Capirossi 26 pts

Next Round China in 3 weeks.

We are going to Barber Motorsports next weekend for the 2nd Round of the AMA Superbikes so will have some pictures here directly.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Valencia Race 1 - Brilliant - SPEED TV Pathetic.

After Neukirchner (76 Suzuki GSXR1000 Ger) leads from the first bend of the first lap all the way through the race finally gets knocked off by local veteran rider Carlos Checa (7 Honda CBR1000RR Sp) on the very last corner of the final lap!!! Neukirchner's bike is wrecked but Checa remounts to finish 5th. What a race.

1st. 57 Lanzi (It) Ducati 1098 RS08
2nd. 21 Bayliss (Aus) Ducati 1098 F08
3rd. 11 Corser (Aus) Yamaha YZF R1

Pathetic Speed once again decide not to show the second race - pathetic pathetic pathetic. Show more of your NASCAR S**te why don't you with the pathetic commentary that comes with it - left, left, left, left , left, oh wow more action another left!!!! another yellow, another yellow, now we're green, left, left, left, left......... PATHETIC!!! Restrictor plates - should be stuck into Speed's transmitters also to restrict the amount of dross they present.

2nd race results anyway:

1st. Haga (J) Yamaha YZF R1
2nd. Bayliss (Aus) Ducati 1098 F08
3rd. Checa (Sp) Honda CBR1000RR

Standings after 3 rounds and 6 races:

1st. Bayliss (Aus) 128
2nd. Nieto (Sp) 80
3rd. Corser (Aus) 72
4th. Checa (Sp) 72
5th. Xaus (Sp) 68

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yes The Most Boring Post Yet But!!

Here are some pictures before and after of the passenger footrests on the Conc. You will note the OE ones are somewhat small and have no rubber insert.

After reviewing the Concours Owners club web site a few weeks ago I chanced across some owners of the '14' who had replaced the OE items with ones off the older 1000 model. As you can see they have the rubber inserts and are significantly wider and longer.

The result hopefully will be a more comfortable ride for the pillion (aka Wendy) with the objective of longer distances traveled without the need for a break! (aka 'Fag Stop')

They took no longer than 3 minutes to fit each side and can be gotten off eBay for pennies, these cost me 99c each plus shipping!!!!

You need the springs though so make sure you get the complete footrest from the '1000' as the '14' uses a ball bearing latch arrangement to lock in place, i.e. up or down.

Friday, April 4, 2008

USASA Score Sheet for Mens Open SS 2008

Mick Jr's 11th place and his buddy from Charlevoix also, Andy Kantola, came 12th!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mick Jr Finishes in 11th Place!!!

Mick Jr got into the finals of the Mens Open Class Slope Style competition today and finished 11th. We are so proud and excited.