Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jerry's BMW K1200RSport

167 bhp and only 515 lb - Wow!!!

Jerry popped in this morning, Saturday, on his way back to Orlando, FL. He spent yesterday at the BMW Safety Course at Spartanburg, SC.

He quite enjoyed the course but especially the fact they were allowed to do a number of 'fast' laps around the circuit.

He rode his own new bike this K1200RSport AKA 'Thumper II' so a great way to get further accustomed to the bike in different surroundings and understand what it and you are capable of. (Know its limits but more importantly know yours)

He's only had it a month and he's got 3,500 miles on it already so when he gets home tonight it will have nearly 4,000 miles - "git er done"!!! Nice one Jerry a 50,000 mile year coming up.

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