Sunday, March 9, 2008

Daytona 2008

This is Wendy and I at the Kawasaki stand. As we do some work for NASA we felt that this was a nice shot. An astronaut riding a ZX14 'rocket ship' Don't know about the pointy bit at the front though - that could do some damage!!

Well we wouldn't have expected anything else from Jerry. We 'chanced' upon these two Honda 'brolly dolly's' while walking through the pits Saturday.

The Conc and the FZ1 en-route home from Daytona Sunday p.m. The weather was good thank goodness. Friday was hell. Out of the 425 miles we rode we were in horrendous down pours and storms for 400 of them. Our gear is still wet!

Wendy poses next to the bikes with her new Aerostich on. Even that didn't keep her dry Friday.

Both machines await the final 150 home.

The Conc' being used as a 160 mph vanity mirror!

New top case looks good. Shame the color is not quite matched - need a little tint of blue in the paint to get the shade.

At last someone else bought me a bell!!! Thank you Wendy.

Putting the 'hands on' the Conc - well ok using the sun to continue with the drying process.

That rear tires still ok but with 4,500 miles it's starting to square a little - damn interstates!

Here's Bill, 'Screamin Eagle' Post. Bill flew in from Phoenix Thursday to ride the FZ1 to Daytona. Yes that's his H-D jacket of course and his 'piss pot' but he enjoyed it and stuck another 850 miles onto the trusty stead without is missing a beat.

Wendy and Bill pose behind the Kwak. Well FZ1 never missed a beat the Kwak did! Water got into my transmitter for the immobilizer (found out after the event) and she wouldn't allow me to turn the ignition on. After some messing around I got her started - very unhappy bunny especially as I was cold and wet in an area where we were just told tornado warnings had been issued! When I got to Daytona my fascia was flashing 'transponder battery low' then it went to 'transponder out of range' I now carry spare '2025' cells.

The Daytona Beach races memorial - very impressive.

Beautiful Monument.

The Clock Tower outside the hotel we stayed at.

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