Monday, March 10, 2008

Daytona 2008 - Update for 200

After a brilliant race that poor old Brit Neil Hodgson went off track at least twice trying so hard to catch the eventual race winner Josh Hayes. Neil eventually broke down with only a few laps to go allowing another Brit, Chaz Davies, to take second. (at least he came 7th in the Superbike race later on the Fireblade)

So with disappointment for Neil but happiness for Chaz all in all not a bad outcome.

But then, following tech checks on Josh's bike, it was found that they has messed with his crank shaft and polished the journals/bearings which broke the rules on homologation hence the AMA disqualified him. Meaning that young Chaz won the 200, the first Brit since Paul Smart back in '72 on a Ducati!! (Check good old BBC Sports for incorrect motorcycle sport reporting once again)

Wonderful, Chaz wins the race and Neil got pole hence the Rolex - a great day for us Brits.

Well done to good old Larry Pegram too - a great guy riding the new Ducati 848 who got elevated into 3rd place - congrats to Larry and his great team.

Commiserations to Josh though, a great rider and a really nice guy, but "rules is rules"

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