Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dr. Z and FZ1 Reshod

New D208 on the back of the Dr. Z and a Michelin Street Pilot on the rear of the FZ1. This is the 3rd rear tire on the Dr. It's the 8th on the FZ1 but the first Michelin. I am hoping the Michelin performs a little better than the usual Bridgestones BT's because they have been squaring off very quickly with all the interstate riding of late albeit they are still great in the twisties.

The FZ is being prepared (note chain lube drips on cardboard) for my buddy Bill (see the Screamin' Eagle Harley in other posts - that's one of his bike) who is flying in to go to Daytona with us for the 200 in a couple of weeks. Gonna be great fun.

Thanks to Greenwood Performance Cycle once again for fitting the tires. Took the free wheels and tires and was done an hour later, balanced at a great price during this Saturday morning. (See you in a couple for the Concours 7k service)

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