Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wee Trip on the Bike - Monday and Tuesday Nov' 12th and 13th

Left the house at 07:45 a.m. yesterday, Monday, with 1,820 miles on the clock after a great trip to Charleston over the weekend. I traveled to St. Lucie, Florida, following a little sojourn to Greenwood (wrong direction but what the hell) to get my final drive gear oil changed and pick up my plate and tag - another great job guys.

It was cold but by the time I left the shop the temperature had picked up and away I went. Very very nice indeed, only stopping for gas, and I'm glad to say no incidents. I got into the hotel in St.Lucie at 6:00 pm with another 695 miles on the clock - never missed a beat and feeling reasonably refreshed.

Got up at 06:30 am this morning, had breakfast and then rode to the local nuclear power plant down there to meet up with a potential client and look at an opportunity. I couldn't believe it, it was raining lightly but the direction I needed to go in was pitch black. So off I went and yes rode straight into a windy, cold and wet mess - first time the Conc' has seen rain, oh dear but all was well. The screen worked good, the fairing kept my legs and body totally dry and the bike handled great - a 25 mile trip in the rain and I'm glad to report all was good. After chat, walkabout and follow up chat I was back on the road at 10:45 am and the weather was great. Too great in fact, with all my gear on I was cooking but I thought no matter it'll get cooler as I go north.

Wrong, at each gas stop I peeled a little more off until at the last stop I only had my leathers on with light gloves and no scarf. (Never thought I would complain about being too warm in November - must still think I'm in Scotland or Michigan or somewhere!)

All performed flawlessly only running into about 20 complete fools or idiots, call them what you will, in just over a 1,200 mile round trip. That's 1 fool per 60 miles, not too bad I think! I will not go into any details here for the fear of either slander or incrimination - there are always two sides to every story but my side is always right.

Anyway only a short piece, the photos below are self explanatory and totally boring but what the heck!

Distance traveled Tuesday 11/13/07

Distance traveled 11/12 and 11/13/07

Total Mileage 11/13/07

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