Sunday, November 4, 2007

Update - SC, NC,TN, VA and back Sat 11/03/07.

As promised took the wee machine for a little run this weekend. We, i.e. Wendy and I, were invited to a get together to see a friend and colleague who lives in north eastern Tennessee, well just, about a 1/2 mile from the Virgina border. He lives on a road called Boozy Creek, yes Boozy Creek, apparently because during prohibition the local 'mashers' would toss their stills and produce into the creek during raids with , one assumes, quite an interesting effect on the local down stream wildlife!

Well we left home at 10:30, a little later than planned, and rode up I26 to support the ETA of 2:00 pm at said Creek. Got off 26 and on to 93 E, per my buddy Jerry's directions then onto 11W towards Bristol. "Go past the Eastman factory and then about a mile later turn left then right and you'll be there" Well the Eastman factory appeared and 3 miles later no sign of the left turn mentioned. Stopped the bike, and it is 1:50 pm, almost on time!

l-r rear- Me, Jerry, Greg
l-r front - Scott and Claus

Called Jerry, The Navigator (he is from Detroit) "Where's this left turn?" I asked. "Sorry Mick, it's a little further than a mile, probably more like 5!" All is good, got back on the bike and arrived a few minutes late with another 230 miles on the Conc'. Met up with Jerry, a few others and Claus and his wife Nancy - the point of the trip. Chatted about old times, topic for a future post, and checked out Claus' '67 GTO, '90 Fat boy (with a well tricked out motor) and his '06 Street Glide - all very nice even though they're Harley's (only joking Claus), as well as their 10 horses including two 6 month old fouls and a number of cats and dogs. What a beautiful house too, adjacent to the Peacekeepers motorcycle club, yes that's correct - right next door! I found out that Claus had been a member for 35 years and that was one of the reasons he moved there and built his house after leaving Florida some years ago. (Glad I never got on the wrong side of him- only joking again you could never meet a nicer fella)

Nancy and Claus' beautiful "House on Boozy Creek"

So following a couple of hours together we said our goodbyes and jumped on the Conc' for the return trip. As the temperature dropped and darkness closed in Wendy put on her Aerostich jacket over her leather while we filled up with Gas on a beautiful section of I26 in North Carolina. This would be the first ride on the Conc' in the dark so a good test for the lights and also I was looking forward to seeing what the instrument fascia was like lit up. Well I am glad to say all was good. The clocks glow a nice orange, similar to my XS850 of '81, so that brought back some nice memories and, with a little adjustment which you can do on the fly because Kawasaki have built in some excellent adjuster knobs in the fairing, I elevated the headlights a little.

All was good and the miles being ate up with ease we arrived home at 8:15 pm 3 hours 15 minutes after leaving Claus' so a good uneventful 460 mile round trip bar those cell phone, coffee drinking "let's do anything but drive the car" ever growing clan of car and truck drivers - police where are you, even if it just to educate them with the error of their ways? Sorry to moan but there are enough hazards on the roads without adding to them.

So with Saturday behind us we decided to do another little trip and ended up doing 180 miles during Sunday afternoon with a little stop to look at Musgrove House, a site of an "independence" battle. Legs stretched and it was back home using no interstates at all on this run I'm pleased to say.

Well after this 640 mile weekend, the Conc' is fully 'broken in' and I have decided and implemented the ordering of a larger replacement screen - the only niggle I can say I have of the bike (a little too much noise when fully up when providing the necessary wind protection during those cold night-time rides). So after 1,400 miles in two weeks riding back roads, Interstates and during the hours of darkness I don't think that is bad at all especially for a brand new model - well done Kawasaki.

For those interested I have ordered a Cee Baileys 15" Euro Cut screen with a light gray tint as recommend by 08CC14 on the Concours Message board - link below, thanks 08CC14. I will report my findings soon.

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