Sunday, October 28, 2007

Like Father Like Son

So as the title, Like Father Like Son, here is my 16 year old son Mick Jr. on his Suzuki DR400SM in 2006 at Deals Gap. A really fun machine the Suzuki. He graduated to this from a Yamaha XT225 after riding small off road Yams since he was 3 years old.

Nice style. Again looking ahead, not into the corner, if you have to do that when you're in the bend you've got it all wrong and Deals Gap can be unforgiving. Nice line,and ala 2 stroke style, covering the clutch just in case the engines seizes - old habits die hard and he's only 16!!!
Tipped over nicely, all is clam, relaxed and neat, still looking ahead, planning, seeing and avoiding if necessary! One finger covering the front brake should, in the unlikely event, be necessary.

Touching the apex of the corner, head tipped up nicely while the body is in line with the bike, no need for knee down or hanging off stuff here.
And it's away we go to the next one. See some other posts for his snowboarding adventures in Utah as he attempts to become professional.

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