Sunday, October 28, 2007

The FZ1 and Deals Gap

Well here we are approaching one of those gorgeous bends at Deals Gap. Givi luggage loaded, tank bag and Wendy one the back. Eyes focused on what is ahead!

Tipping it in , looking ahead, out of the bend, too close now to be looking at the bend need to know the way out. Toe slider commences contact, Wendy's grip tightens!

We're in now, the smile is unavoidable, if there is a heaven on Earth this is it!

The foot rest is down, the grinding gets louder as the main stand joins in!!! Lovely.

The grin grows larger, the next one is in sight and we (I) can't wait.

Peg is down, main stand is down but we are not and we're getting ready for the next one! You can guess of course what we did when we got to the end - we turned around and did it again and again!

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